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"Juan Alberto B. Mercado" wrote:

> My general opiniion about Bandai videogames is that most are just promo materials, meaning that they were designed to market the anime and not the game itself. There are a few that stand out (ie SRW series) but most generally suck in the gameplay, most probably because they were not really thought up very well. Like the Z-Gundam game and CCA game for the PSX. If not for the nice anime cuts, I'd say those games would be totally boring.

I actually enjoyed those games even though they were very arcadey, in the sense that you are tied to your opponent which prevents much "piloting" from occuring.

There are some things about the games, that FROM software or Sega should take notice of and put in Armored Core and Virtual On. for example: I love the way that beam sabers and sheilds are handled, It's much better than ACs clumsy melee system. (And I'm an AC nut) I also love the location based damage. (Same as in VOTOMS Blue Knights) There's nothing cooler than blowing the limbs and head off of the enemy MS, It just adds something to
the game. The dummies in CCA are also quite cool. And transformation was handled pretty well in Zeta.

I think if bandai released a free roaming (similar to AC) version of Zeta Gundam on a modern system like Dreamcast or PS2, it would be a big hit.

----Brett Jensen

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