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Actually, I was just kidding...

Edmund Chiu wrote:

> > Well, at least you spelled it right.
> Really? It was just a wild guess...
> > > More like prejustice, but since my spelling sucks, racism is easier
> to
> > > spell ^_^

That was definitely one of the saddest endings. Nonetheless, there was this
overwhelming emptiness when Evergreen, 0083's ending, came in after the whole
saga. There is a similar feeling for other shows, but only similar.

> Personally, I like the ending of 0080 better - it's sad because other
> than Al, nobody knows that Bernie really dies for nothing. Besides, other
> than that scene, do you really think the show is showing how "bad" war is?

There's actually a high concentration of information to be digested. For
instance, 0080 is a relatively simple story. But then it belongs to a totally
different genre.

> I know, and that's what I said 0083 is - a "dummy" version of Gundam
> that's easy to swallow and follow, but for more in depth stuff, go somewhere
> else...

In what sense though? Just a re-draw?

> Like I said, I really, really wish they would remake Zeta...

Why not let spacenoids rule, since the majority of the Earth Circle's population
dwells in space anyway? Char's got his own issues with the Zabi family, which
sets him up for a different route.

> Where do you get that? That's what they say, but all they want is to
> "rule" the world. If Haman is really just for NT, wouldn't Char stay at
> Axis?

A Narcissist-Romantic. What a sicko!

> Scirocco, like Haman, just want to control the world. Of course, he
> wanted someone else to be the "official ruler" with him in the background...

Which is better than status quo.

> See above. The war isn't about changing the structure of government -
> more about what direction it should be going...

And that's true!

> That's because she doesn't believe man can "think" like that - they
> think people need to be "lead" by powerful people like herself, since they
> will just kill eachother if she let them alone.

What!? That's a terrible thing to say that a corrupt government is good for the

> There isn't - it's just that "corrupt" government is better than the
> alternative...

Of course! Especially when history proves her right. Just look at Mirai's
lodging in 0093. All this poverty and a government that refuses to do a thing
to help Earthnoids evacuate in the face of an imminent nuclear winter. The Fed
has had too many chances, but some characters still choose to be complacent.
They are effectively killing their own kind -- the NTs -- by allowing a
government that turns a deaf ear to the phenomenon to continue its pathetic
existence. Their unwillingness to look beyond the immediate irritates me.

> You really "buy" that stuff she said? As I have said before, she
> basically want to "run" the government by herself, since she has such low
> opinion of them. Judo just think that these "lowly people" deserve another
> chance...

Sure. But that doesn't prove that Kou is obsessed with beating Gato, or
becoming an ace pilot. He is just another pilot, who would want to become a top
pilot and beat the enemy's ace pilot.

> I just see it differently - the main reason Kou wanted to stop the
> colony so badly is because Gato is the one who made it possible - if Kou has
> stopped Gato in stealing GP02A or stop him from being in Solomon, the
> colony jack wouldn't be possible, or would be much easier to stop...

If there are enough fans to guarantee satisfactory sales, I am sure Sunrise
would consider doing that.

> I prefer to see a remake of Zeta first, simply because the old one is
> really outdated in terms of animation...

The States?

> > Canada?
> You are getting close...

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