Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Fri, 15 Dec 2000 06:05:32 -0800

>Edward Ju wrote:
>> >Slight V Gundam Spoiler>
>> Not to mention her memory - she doesn't recognize Shakti's voice at all.
>> What I wanna know is... how the hell did she survive Usso's wing-of-light
>> attack at close range?!
>> Eddie
>Explain... i never heard of that...

Explain which part?

When Katejina was asking for directions, she didn't recognize Shakti's
voice at all, even though she should, as Shakti spent a considerable
amount of time under Chronicle Asher's "protection".

When Usso pulled out his wings-of-light attack against Katejina's MS in
the final episode, they were in a cylindrical, semi-closed space (IIRC
it was a segment of the Angel Halo). Considering the range of the wings and
the walls around them, I see little chance for Katejina's suit to make it
to safety quick enough.


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