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> I thought F Final wasn't too bad in that respect. I think an ideal SRW
> would have the difficulty of 4 and F Final, and the storyline of EX and

    F Final isn't too bad, but there really isn't much "crossroad", at least
to my liking ^_^

> >is getting out of hand, where unless you cheat, it's not possible to
> >your units fully in some case. The crossroad stuff is getting to be a
joke -
> So? I don't really think that's a problem.

    But they keep "flashing" that if you upgrade an unit fully, you would
get some bonus...

> >I prefer the way 3SRW are set up - there are quite a few different ways
> >can go...
> But I thought the crossroads still let you choose your ending?

    I just mean it require more than playing the game twice to get through
all possible crossroad. Last time I played 3SRW, I remember seeing two
almost completely different storyline...

> Actually, I think 0080 and 0083 in terms of game balance are useless. No
> ever uses the pilots there. They should be like Blood of Jion and actually
> make non-Newtype pilots USABLE IN COMBAT. ^_^

    Actually, it's just most of the Gundams don't have really good weapons -
besides, NT can move twice way faster than regular pilots...

> >are given, but introducing 08 MS Team, along with GX, which never made an
> >appearance, would be nice. I guess it's too much to ask for Nadesico,
> >it's only available on Sega's console, it seems...
> I want Nadesico too!

    I wish Sega would let it go, but probably not...

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