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>3. I read somewhere that the Japanese economic slowdown is taking its toll
>on the quality of anime productions. Stuff from 10 years ago looks better
>that a lot of today's stuff. (Patlabor movie 2 vs. Pokemon- unfair comp.,
>just an example. Is this trend ongoing and will it continue?

Totally unfair comparison! :P And not just animation-quality-wise, but
story-wise as well. Patlabor 2 had some amazing writers, it's a shame we
can't see more anime movies, or even live action movies, of this calibur.

I think that may be true to an extent, but there have been some great TV
shows released in Japan somewhat recently (Virus, WeiS Kreutz). Despite the
fact that all the character designs are pretty much the same, the quality
(that I've seen) has been pretty darn good.

Now, I could go on at length about Japan not adapting to the New World Order
(the new global economics and such, and how the whole economic crisis in
Asia was planned by major corporate heads in the U.S., but that's a whole
new topic altogether), but it's only a matter of time before they do. My
guess is when that happens, we'll see a great leap in quality, and an even
greater influx of goods from Japan to the U.S. (we can only hope!).

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