Peter Carranza (
Fri, 15 Dec 2000 02:38:28 -0800 (PST)

Sorry to add to the HEAVY message load (120 since yesterday) but I'd like to
ask 3 ?'s:

1. Anyone in CA/ West Coast know when we are getting the Animerica Gundam
Special? It is NOT in LA yet.

2. Is is possible/probable that a future Gundam series will abandon the
redwhiteblueyellow prototype color scheme for the main Gundam, and use
colors that an army/navy/spacy would actually use? (Like Gasaraki)

3. I read somewhere that the Japanese economic slowdown is taking its toll
on the quality of anime productions. Stuff from 10 years ago looks better
that a lot of today's stuff. (Patlabor movie 2 vs. Pokemon- unfair comp.,
just an example. Is this trend ongoing and will it continue?


I have consolidated these ?'s into 1 convenient package so as to minimize my
contribution to the e-avalanche of posts. I am guilty of a few "Me too/Oh
really/No way" posts in the past but now feel such posts make it hard to get
through all the mail in a day.

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