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Subject: [gundam] Who deserved / didn't deserve to die?

> In all of the gundam series, who do u think really deserved to die?

    Don't really know, since most Gundam "villains" dies during the series,
and almost all "hateful" characters die by the time the series end. Of
course, my vote would be Kou ^_^

> who shouldn't have died and lived happily ever after???

    Lalah? Four? Chien? Odello?

> Well for sure the "Only the sexy die young" Shrike Team shouldn't have
> died...

    But they are "destined" to die - I thought their whole purpose on the
show is to show that people die in war...

> Especially the one girl who kissed Usso before she was crushed...

    I forgot her name... Matajina?

> poor girl... what a waste of totally fascinating art...

    Well, I prefer Junko to live...

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