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No kidding, such an even more kick-ass Qubeley!

Edmund Chiu wrote:

> There are a lot of things we wish we could make better but couldn't...

Too complicated, too complicated...

> I guess I just want the "main character" to have some other goal other
> than just a soldier's duty...

Well, at least you spelled it right.

> More like prejustice, but since my spelling sucks, racism is easier to
> spell ^_^

I sensed the coldness of the ravages of war, most prominent in scenes of
aftermath like the Torrington Base after Gato's raid and in the sea of Solomon.
0083 is a noticeable move towards Western style of production, with full
orchestration and darker tones common among Hollywood productions. And then, of
course, there is plenty of action.

> Personally, I don't see what's so terrible about the war from 0083,
> other than the fact that they drop the colony on Earth. Most Gundam TV
> series tried to get the civilizan's perspective of war, even F91 and CCA
> tries, but I don't see 0083 doing it - it's almost an action film from start
> to finish, at least for me...

The "stopping issue" was taken from ZZ. It's just that the two series are too
similar, I tend to take them as a single unit. 0083, being an OVA production as
you said, enjoyed much better animations because of a more generous budget.

> Don't you remember the part about "stopping"? You specificly complain
> about that, and since it's a pretty "minor" issue, I suspects that you
> probably don't like Zeta that much, since 0083 has "minor" issue like it and
> you didn't seems to be bringing those up much...

But both Scirocco and Hamaan are NTs who are totally for spacenoids. Camille
thinks that Scirocco just mitiates life and that all manipulative players should
be disposed of. However, both AEUG and the Fed are political organizations
which mitigate life and play manipulative games. If he is to be thorough with
his so-called mission, the Earth Circle will be reduced to anarchy, since no
government is going to respect life as much as he does and no government can be
free of politics, which is a manipulative game by nature. Juudo thinks that
Hamaan should be stopped, because she is sacrificing lives to accomplish her
goal. In their last dialogue, Juudo questioned Hamaan why she would not rather
apply her resources on constructive purposes. I'd say Hamaan gave the best
answer by laughing at the thought. The Fed is beyond redemption in its
corruption, and there simply is no reason why it should continue to exist.

> You completely miss Camille and Judo's point - they are trying to say
> that NT are part of the human revolution, and they shouldn't suppress them
> (the main reason why Emma joined AEUG is because she's disgusted with the
> ways the government suppress spacenoid, who went as far as gasing a whole
> colony). They want the other side to know that spacenoid wouldn't stand for
> it.

Just as Zeon is a revolution in itself. Granted that the Zabi's weren't kind
people, but then Hamaan did wish to erradicate the Fed such that her more
effective government could save a dying planet along with its population. As
for Kou, his objective seems to have shifted to stopping the colony towards the
end. Once that failed and Gato comes to challenge, then did he wish to settle
personal scores.

> See above. Most of them see themselves as revolutionaries - they are
> fighting for a cause. I see them better than Kou, since most of the Gundam
> pilots choose to fight, while Kou fight just to prove something (he is an
> ace and he can stop Gato)...

I wish that they would just re-release ZZ with a new storyline.

> Like I said before, I don't really take ZZ as part of the Gundam
> timeline sometimes because most of it doesn't make sense...


> Take a wild guess ^_^

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