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> You gotta be kidding, that sounds like a squirt gun.

    The GM one sound worse...

> Huh?

    I just mean it does make sense for you to complain about the "stopping"
issue you see in Zeta and ZZ when you don't seem to have any trouble
accepting using stock footage for something, since both are obvious just
money saving moves...

> Char is just the same in some ways...

    I see Gato as having no real "cause" for behaving like he did, but Char
does (for his family, and later his "revenage" against Amuro)...

> Simply because Albion is not filled with spoilt brats...

    Now, this is just "racism" ^_^ Seriously, you have to realize that 0083
was created to be your typical "action flick", where you would see people
survive against incredible odds just so they can do it again later. For long
series like Zeta and ZZ, no matter how "serious" they are, there will be
various "marketing gimmick" like children and stuff just so it would attract
audience. If you cannot accept that and can only accept 0083, which is an
OVA production so it doesn't have the same problems as producing a TV
series, you shouldn't be watching the various Gundam TV series at all since
all of them will have that - even GW has it. For you to knock down stories
like Zeta while "praising" 0083 is like people voting for a candidate they
have see on TV more, when the other candidate is clearly more qualified but
lack the money to buy TV time. I know I sound a bit rude here but that's the
impression I get from you - you praise 0083 and see it as a "reality" show
while bashing other Gundam TV series as "unrealistic". Unless you are
speaking to die hard 0083 fans or people who haven't watch UC Gundam much,
almost all Gundam fans agree that the Zeta series is much more story
oriented and "realistic", while 0083 serve as a great "visual treat" - a
"welcoming package" for new Gundam fans or for people who just want to watch
and don't "think".

> But notice my email address. And as a Brit, it's only natural for me to
turn to
> my embassy.

    There are tons of HK people floating all around the world, so I learn
not to look at just the e-mail address...

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