Ricky Lai (x-lai@uchicago.edu)
Fri, 15 Dec 2000 00:38:41 -0600

You gotta be kidding, that sounds like a squirt gun.

Edmund Chiu wrote:

> > Eeeeww, please don't remind me of the sound effect for 100-Type's beam
> rifle.
> Why not? It sound good ^_^


> It's like I want to change the two election candidate - it's simply not
> going to happen. For me, if you can stand using stock footage, then you
> should be able to stand the "stopping" stuff, since both are obvious money
> saving "bugs"...

Char is just the same in some ways...

> Personally, I don't like Gato that much because in a way, he's just like
> Kou - he's blind to reason and logic sometimes by his desire to achieve his
> goal...

Simply because Albion is not filled with spoilt brats...

> If you keep on insisting Albion is the hero while Aghama is just a "plot
> device", then there's nothing to talk about because you are already dead set
> on think Zeta and the original Gundam are a "fake" because they don't have a
> high budget on the series while 0083 does...

But notice my email address. And as a Brit, it's only natural for me to turn to
my embassy.

> Come on - just looking at your last name and seeing you want to go to a
> british embrassy is a dead givaway. Yes, I am from HK, although I don't use
> China or BN(O) passport anymore...

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