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> Eeeeww, please don't remind me of the sound effect for 100-Type's beam

    Why not? It sound good ^_^

> I suppose that's a good way of dealing with it -- by no dealing with it at
> =)

    It's like I want to change the two election candidate - it's simply not
going to happen. For me, if you can stand using stock footage, then you
should be able to stand the "stopping" stuff, since both are obvious money
saving "bugs"...

> Too bad we have little to compare the two Zeon aces with.

    Personally, I don't like Gato that much because in a way, he's just like
Kou - he's blind to reason and logic sometimes by his desire to achieve his

> True, but the point is that Aghama is the epitome of impossibility in the
> era.

    If you keep on insisting Albion is the hero while Aghama is just a "plot
device", then there's nothing to talk about because you are already dead set
on think Zeta and the original Gundam are a "fake" because they don't have a
high budget on the series while 0083 does...

> Interesting, how would you guess that I might hold a BN(O) passport. Do
> come from Hong Kong?

    Come on - just looking at your last name and seeing you want to go to a
british embrassy is a dead givaway. Yes, I am from HK, although I don't use
China or BN(O) passport anymore...

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