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On Wed, 13 Dec 2000 20:50:18
 Brett Jensen wrote:
>Char Aznable wrote:
>> what Gundam should do is hire third party developers, like what almost all
>> the big companies in the US are doing, then just be the publisher of the
>> game, like Lucas Arts and Sierra. this way they get really good people to
>> make really good games.

My general opiniion about Bandai videogames is that most are just promo materials, meaning that they were designed to market the anime and not the game itself. There are a few that stand out (ie SRW series) but most generally suck in the gameplay, most probably because they were not really thought up very well. Like the Z-Gundam game and CCA game for the PSX. If not for the nice anime cuts, I'd say those games would be totally boring.

Anyway, if they were going to get an outside developer, I'd like Enix or Tri-Ace to develop (man these guys have really cool ideas especially when it comes to fighting systems!)

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