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Thu, 14 Dec 2000 23:06:47 -0500

okay, so while I was absent from the list and busy with school and life,
apparently there have been some pretty big model releases. I'm still trying
to get my hands on a Sazabi kit, amongst a few others that I knew about, and
hopefully will be able to do so over the upcoming winter break from classes.

But at any rate, I check HLJ this afternoon and saw, to my great surprise,
an MG Gouf, Gouf Custom, EZ8, the Nu Gundam, and the god of all bad guy
mecha, the Kaempfer. Wow. I'm going to be totally broke. I hope I have
enough time to put all these things together.

So, I remember making this post a long time ago where I had figured, you
know, they need a Kaempfer, and Alex (which they later released), and a Dom,
and a few others.

Now, I'm pretty sure all of the ones I thought of at the time have been
released, with the exception of one. If any of you remember me, I'm sure you
know what my question's going to be.

Any word on a Master Grade Unit Three?

Matt "Little Zen" Hanyok
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