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I've read that these enhanced humans received even more brainwashing, to the extent
that their characters are completely wiped out. This is quite evident in a very
quick clip during which the Toto army retreated and the NT task force emerges from
Axis. Puru II signaled to the rest of the task force to get ready, and a pilot on
her right responded in a very mechanical fashion, indicating the severeness of
brainwashing on these poor pilots. Sidetracking, why are they all females?

Jonathan Ng wrote:

> I don't think they would be Puru clones, because then he wouldn't keep Puru
> Two, who was already showing signs of wavering loyalty.

I suspect it would be from the scene in which Ciara with the Royal Guards are
defending the residence against Qubeley MK-II's attack. If that is the case, then
it's a no -- she did not say that. Instead she said that even though Puru II is
piloting Qubeley, a full blast from Geymalk could still deal a fatal blow. This is
the same statement I was referring to previously about Ciara admitting that Qubeley
types can outclass Geymalk. Objectively speaking, however, Geymalk has more
fannels (28 child plus 2 mother) than the non-MP Qubeley (while there has never
been official figures, I think it is safe to presume a maximum of 12), even though
the child fannel is even smaller than the already small Qubeley fannel.

> And in Side 3, I remember Kyara saying something about how her Mother/Child
> funnel combo is much better than Puru Two's MK-II Funnels.

Which doesn't explain why Kahn could not crush Toto from the beginning, since her
army is much larger than his. Anyway, the storyline required it, so there is no
point in debating over this.

> Many small numbers of units may be hard to handle in the long run, but
> impossible to handle all at once.

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