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>> Edmund Chiu wrote:
>> > > who was it? Kikou Inoue?
>> >
>> > beginning). Of course, her role as Kasumi in Ranma 1/2 is also
>>> Not as memorable as her role as the nurse in Ogenki clinic! >H_H
>> Probably not as memorable as her role as the step-mother >of the main
>>character in a pretty unknown game called Yu-No, which is a >port of a H
>>(in case you don't know what H means - let's just say it's not >for people
>>under 18...) from the computer. It's probably as close to a >real H game
>>Saturn as you would ever see. I didn't watch Ogenki clinic so >I don't
>>what she said in there, but in Yu-no, some of the stuff she >said is
>>"suggestive"... As far as I remember, that's the only H title >game I have
>>seen her name on...

>My fave Seiyuu. I think I'll search for that game.

>Too bad she wasn't on the Ah Megamisama schchau...(SD) shown >2years ago @
WowoW. I think it wasn't her who did a voice-over >on Belldandy.

>Also IIRC she was the Narrator & Seiyuu of Electra @ >ふしぎの海のナディア/
Fushigi no Umi no Nadia/ Nadia of the >Mysterious Seas aka Secret of Blue

Also, she was Ayuko (the hot swimming instructor) from Golden Boy. When i
first found out that she did this role I was kinda shocked, now that I know
that shes in Ogenki Clinic and Yu-No, well it all falls nicely into place.

Definitely one on my favorite female seiyuu's with Megumi Ogata ang MEgumi

As for guys, no one beats Tomokazu Seki as Domon Kashuu fr. G Gundam
"Ore wa kono te hikatte naru! Shiori no tsukumae to tataratsuki sakebu!
and Daigohji Gai fr. Nadesico

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