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>> Hi Folks
>> A friend of my just picked up Z Gundam for the PSX, does anyone have a
>> translation of the controller functions that I could pass on to him?
>> Thanks
>> Jim G

Im assuming this is the old Z-Gundam game (the one like Armored Core).
square-shoot weapon
triangle-change weapon
o-shield (for those w/o shields well...)

L-R buttons - change orientation

This is an old game so i suggest you check out a real FAQ for more info (also my memory is quite fuzzy)

Finish the challenge mode and unlock the secret characters Kou in GP01 Fb and Gato in GP02.

Observation: Kou is ridiculously powerful in this game. GP01 is so fast that not even Zeta can catch up to it. It can get really close and cut all the others to pieces.

"Dete Unakereba, Yararenakatta no ni!"

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