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> Why? I thought F Final and SRWA were pretty good. So what direction do you
> think the games should be going in?

    More along with lines of 4SRW, where the fight are intense, but not
"crazy" (no, I don't want to play 3 hours per stage!). The upgrading system
is getting out of hand, where unless you cheat, it's not possible to upgrade
your units fully in some case. The crossroad stuff is getting to be a joke -
I prefer the way 3SRW are set up - there are quite a few different ways you
can go...

> To keep this on-topic, let's ask the ML which Gundam series they'd prefer
> be in the game. If you had to ditch one and include one, which would you

    Well, 0080 and 0083, along with Zeta, ZZ, F91, CCA and original Gundam
are given, but introducing 08 MS Team, along with GX, which never made an
appearance, would be nice. I guess it's too much to ask for Nadesico, since
it's only available on Sega's console, it seems...

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