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> I have just finished watching Char's Counterattack (great movie, by the
> way), and i was wondering, does the Nu gundam's bazooka ever
> appear in the
> movie?
> The only time that i can think it might have is when it is fighting the
> Alpha, and the Jagd Doga. Amuro gets his shield and rifle knocked
> away from
> him. When Gyunei charges him, he shoots something at Gyunei ( i
> think it was
> him) and recovers his rifle and shield. However, it doesn't look
> like the Nu
> gundam is holding anything at all?!?

In the scene you're describing, Amuro ditch his shield and the bazooka on
it. It distracted Gyunei enough that Amuro finish him off with a shot from
Nu Gundam's beam rifle (Amuro the dead-eye shot). He than retrieve the
sheild and continue to fight. It's one of Amuro's classic move (ditching
equipment to distract the opponent).

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