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Returning cast:

Dancouga (Shapiro died during SRW Alpha, but he was cloned so I believe he
will return more or less)

Gundam 0083

Z Gundam (Just like Shapiro, Paptimus Scirocco will return in a Falchion to

ZZ Gundam

Char's counter attack
(Char will probably go nuts and do his "drop axis on earth" thingy, except
this time he will be piloting a Nigthingale)

V Gundam

Gundam W Endless Waltz
(But no G Gundam ? Now thats unfair)

Daitarn 3


Mazinger Z
Great Mazinger
Getter Robot
Getter Robot G
Shin Getter
Combattler V
Voltes Five


Macross Movie: Do you remember love
Macross Plus
(Expect to see Sharon Apple and the X-9)

Makusokishin Psybuster
(Its about time for Shu to show he true colors)

Chouki Daisei SRX

New additions:

Gundam X

Turn A Gundam

Sentou Mecha Xabungle

Ginga Senpuu Braiger (Anyone care to enlighten me ?)

Scheduled for March 2001 Playstation

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