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> Errrhh, that one looked terrible, partly influenced by an equally horrible
> effect. Fannels aren't bullets, so why can't they use something other
than a
> machine gun firing sound...?

    Because they are cheap and people have getten used to them? Don't you
ever wonder why almost all beam rifle sound the same, except for a few, like
Zeta's and ZZ's?

> Good point, but I am still annoyed by that.

    There are a lot of things that annoyed me in various Gundam shows, but
as long as they are nothing big, I learn to "ignore" them, simply because
it's much easier...

> Tell that to the people who wrote the stuff I quoted. I believe, however,
> those numbers were racked up before Amuro came into the scene. Just as
how Char
> established his name in the Battle of Ruhm, in which there were only
> Gato must have earned his title in a similar fashion as well.

    That's why I think we should point to "other" evidence instead of just
kill numbers...

> Chickens!

    Chicken is good ^_^

> But Aghama is unsinkable! After all, its Hyper Mega Cannon is "on par
with the
> Colony Laser." Like that makes any sense...

    Actually, Aghama never get the Hyper Mega Cannon until ZZ, I believe...

> No, all three Qubeley's share the same specs. AMX-004-2 (dark blue) is
> different only by the beam sabers, while AMX-004-3 (rouge) is equipped
with a
> Psyco Control system in addition to the modified beam sabers. The
> version is, of course, an entirely different matter.

    Really? They sure "perform" different...

> Then they would have to come a long way to fetch me. Note to self: call
up the
> British Ambassy right away.

    I hope you don't have one of those BN(O) passports, since I don't think
England is willing to "anger" US by trying to save a "foreigner" ^_^

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