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are you serious? i'll buy your tape.

from what i see, it's just a scale up from BANDAI's
1/144 scale alex anyway. all the pieces look the same.
--- Dom Tetreault <> wrote:
> Well, at least they didn't try to pretend Bandai
> made it. =)
> 'It's, you know, one of those alternate timeline
> things. 0080 Gordam, um,
> the original RX-78 had an unfortunate reactor
> accident and Project V
> reformed into Project M, culminating in the creation
> of the RX-78NT1 Gordom!
> We have the tapes, too. Get all teary-eyed as you
> watch; two lovers on
> opposite sides of the war have to battle it out in
> the final scene! Pristina
> in the Gordom, versus Earnie in the Ataku GX! While
> little schoolboy Paul
> runs around in the background wondering why his two
> friends have to die!
> Your jaw will drop at the cutting edge stop-motion
> animation. Bidding starts
> at $10 per tape, you'll never find it anywhere
> else.'
> - dom
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