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Errrhh, that one looked terrible, partly influenced by an equally horrible sound
effect. Fannels aren't bullets, so why can't they use something other than a
machine gun firing sound...?

Edmund Chiu wrote:

> Well, there's two version - the one when she's releasing funnels against
> Camille is not stock footage...

Good point, but I am still annoyed by that.

> Did you take a closer look and see what other Gundam show that actually
> show that? They didn't show that until Gundam F91 was released, and both F91
> and 0083 are movies and OVA, so they usually have more money to spend than
> before. Just looking at the quality of the animation sometimes would tell
> you that Zeta isn't produced with tons of money, so you had to give them
> some "slacks" on "little" things.

Tell that to the people who wrote the stuff I quoted. I believe, however, that
those numbers were racked up before Amuro came into the scene. Just as how Char
established his name in the Battle of Ruhm, in which there were only rookies,
Gato must have earned his title in a similar fashion as well.

> I just mean the numbers aren't the only thing that prove who's better -
> Char fights with Amuro all the time, who is the "ace" of the Feds, unlike
> Gato, who's probably fighting rookies most of the time...


> > How boring of the Feds.
> But they have the numbers...

But Aghama is unsinkable! After all, its Hyper Mega Cannon is "on par with the
Colony Laser." Like that makes any sense...

> I am not saying they don't deserve credit - I am just saying that the
> attacks they faced aren't any more difficult as the ones the Aghama faced in
> Zeta...

No, all three Qubeley's share the same specs. AMX-004-2 (dark blue) is
different only by the beam sabers, while AMX-004-3 (rouge) is equipped with a
Psyco Control system in addition to the modified beam sabers. The mass-produced
version is, of course, an entirely different matter.

> Actually, I thought Mk-II's spec is actually weaker than the original
> Quebeley, since Mk-II is another "mass production" MS while Quebeley is a
> "one of a kind" MS...

Then they would have to come a long way to fetch me. Note to self: call up the
British Ambassy right away.

> You better watch out - I heard they are looking for free slots for
> execution on December in Texas ^_^

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