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The Nu-Gundam does use the Bazooka but it is not holding it when it is
fired. I think it was in the scene you are describing. The Jagd Doga
fires at the Nu-Gundam. The Nu-Gundam flips back to avoid the shoot and
then fires the Bazooka at the Jagd Doga while the bazooka is still
connected to the flight pack.

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Vince Leon

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Subject: [gundam] (gundam) Nu Gundam's Bazooka

I have just finished watching Char's Counterattack (great movie, by the
way), and i was wondering, does the Nu gundam's bazooka ever appear in the

The only time that i can think it might have is when it is fighting the
Alpha, and the Jagd Doga. Amuro gets his shield and rifle knocked away from
him. When Gyunei charges him, he shoots something at Gyunei ( i think it
him) and recovers his rifle and shield. However, it doesn't look like the
gundam is holding anything at all?!?

Please excuse this if it has come up before or if it is a stupid newbie
question that will make everyone groan when they read it :).

Thank you to those who answer my questions!

B. Potter

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