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Not according to Newtype 100%'s "Gundam 0083: Operation Program," a sort of bible on 0083. It detailed the production process of GB-Tetra, how Anaheim Electronics finished the GP-04 project after the Fed terminated
it. GB-Tetra is meant to be an assault/recon type unit, and is therefore equipped with a beam machine gun to inflict widespread, but perhaps not fatal, damage to an enemy camp. It is due to the same reason why it is
designed to possess unparalleled mobility and agility, especially when fitted with an exclusive booster unit.

Brett Jensen wrote:

> Again... All that buisness about the GB tetra being from the same line as the GP series was made up on the spot, by one guy, after the show was already out. Therefore I don't think it's fair to apply that to this
> discussion since neither the writers or animaters knew anything about it.

Thanks! It's somewhat rare to find people agreeing with my picks.

> I'll admit it's a damn cool MS.

But she did pick the right angle to approach: from the top, where GP-03D has the least defense against intruders. Yet, the beam shots just have to miss the humungous unit...

> My take on why Cima bought it is: She got pissed, (hey her home was destroyed, and all her hopes for the future.) and rather than attack in a more thoughtful manner she just charged the BIG ASS MA tm.
> This could also account for a lack of accuracy.

As I mentioned before, GB-Tetra is agile enough to have dodged a swinging rod. Cima might have been surprised, but there is almost a second in between.

> Kou who was exhausted, and utterly stressed out, used a heavy handed attack, which only worked because Cima was being stoooopid.

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