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Oh, you are involving AC series as well, sorry -- I usually don't mention them.
Anyway, I don't mind them recycling scenes (hell, Qubeley's release of fannels
is a stock footage anyway, but I still love it), but showing only one drawing
for an MS to go from flying to a complete stop is unacceptable.

Edmund Chiu wrote:

> No - how the Gundams destroy the enemy suit. If you remember from GW,
> most of the "kills" are really stock footage...

Good for Gato! But Char gets to deal with another ace pilot at the same time,
so it pays off for him.

> Gato don't have to "play politics", not to mention that Char spend a lot
> of time chasing Amuro and Company...

How boring of the Feds.

> Like I said in another e-mail - they just want the people to focus on
> the Fed's army itself - not just the pilot...

Of course it could have been worse for the Albion MS team. But even if each
wave contains more than 5 MSes, they would have been outnumbered every time
already. For that, they deserve some credit. They are, after all, ace pilots
from the One Year War.

> As I have said time and time again, it's still easier than an organized
> attack that never really stop (as we have seen in the anime, Albion saw
> various breaks throughout the combat. If they are organized, they could just
> overpower them with wave and wave of attacks, or some sort of organized
> strike). I am not saying it's easy for the Albion crew, but they pretty much
> know what to expect...

Hamaan's Qubeley is undoubtedly the best, thanks to the pilot. All subsequent
Qubeley's received design improvements, and hence have their particular
advantages over the prototype.

> I think that's just Haman's Quebeley - I thought the Mk-II the Puru
> clones pilot are weaker than Haman's Quebeley.

Gundams can kill anything with whatever anyway...

> As we have seen in the anime, you rarely see a MS kill with vulcans,
> other than in the original Gundam...

Which is why he is a moron, much like George W. Oops, did I say that?

> So Kou should be in a win-win situation - since he can outrun GP02A if
> he wants, he could've "bug" Gato to death, without ever needing to get close
> to Gato, therefore getting attacked himself...

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