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> Such as superior speed to get out of harm's way...

    True, but if I were the designer of the MA, I would think of ways for
the MA to "counter" enemies over the top or bottom, or even behind, if

> Please elaborate on this, I have difficulty intrepreting it.

    As we learn over the cost of UC timeline, any MS with I-Field,
especially in the early era, require a certain size - you simply don't see a
regular size MS to have an I-Field generator. Since Neue Ziel has an I-Field
generator, then its size must be pretty big (given how big the generator
is). With a size that's pretty big, and I don't see any really big boosters,
how can it go just as fast as GP03D, which has a really big thrusters. I am
not saying Neue Ziel isn't agile, but I don't really think it can "outrun"

> That is why the Feds can only win with numbers, since individual
performance is
> not maximized.

    More like not "focused" - I think Mark and Z mention that the Feds don't
want people to focus on the "achivements" of the individuals, hence the
reason why there aren't any pilot specific custom units (other than the
"Amuro-only" NT-1 Alex, I don't remember seeing any unit that's customized
for a certain pilot...)


> I thought Scirocco was the one who overloaded Camille's psyche. Camille
> me as a character who wanted first-and-foremost to end the war, and
therefore I
> wonder how much emphasis is placed on an NT revolution -- if there is one.
> beach scene at the end of ZZ indicates that his troubles are over and
hence he
> could resume his normal, more care-free self.

    Actually, we had a thread going a long time ago about that, and we think
that it's possible that Scirocco just "push" Camille's accident to happen -
with Camille's psyche already battered as it is, it should be much easier
for Scirocco to do it. I clearly remember a conversation between Fa and
Camille near the end - when Fa ask Camille would he return to school with
her after they defeat Titans and Haman, he said no, and explain something
about getting people to know about NT or something like that. So unless
Camille decide not to do it while he's in Fa's care in ZZ, I seriously doubt
the Camille we see at the end of ZZ is the "old" Camille...

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