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Amuro kills Gyunei with a regular beam rifle from a Jegan I think. He does
however, use the bazooka WHILE IT IS STILL MOUNTED ON HIS BACK. At some
time when Gyunei or A Geara shoots at him from behind, Amuro tilts to avoid
the shot then fires the bazooka at the offending MS ,without even removing
it from the hardpoint.

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>It doesn't seem to me Amuro uses the bazooka in destroying the >Gyunei'
>Doga. I don't remember he ever used the bazooka. Anyway a long >time (let's
>say several years) have passed from the time (the times, 20 >consecutive
>times, to be exact) I have seen it. It was second time I saw a >Gundam
>series, the emotion was too strong.
>P.S. Char and Amuro can't be dead (I hope in the future series)

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>> On Wed, 13 Dec 2000 21:47:56 -0500, wrote:
>> > I have just finished watching Char's Counterattack (great >movie, by
>> > way), and i was wondering, does the Nu gundam's bazooka >ever appear
>> the
>> > movie?
>> >
>> > The only time that i can think it might have is when it is >fighting
>> > Alpha, and the Jagd Doga. Amuro gets his shield and rifle >knocked
>> from
>> > him. When Gyunei charges him, he shoots something at >Gyunei ( i think
>> was
>> > him) and recovers his rifle and shield. However, it >doesn't look like
>> Nu
>> > gundam is holding anything at all?!?
>> >
>> > Please excuse this if it has come up before or if it is a >stupid
> > question that will make everyone groan when they read it :).
> >

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