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At least all of you receive or has received something. Why am I telling
this? You have to
know that as Bandai's model kits, action figures, chogokin and so on are not
officially imported in my country, things that cost 1 yen we pay it 2 yen
(so, for example
a PG Gundam, its real cost is 12000 yen, we should pay it 24000 yen). As I
read your mail speaking about this Hobby link Japan, I went to see its site,
but, it must be a destiny for the Italy, I have read that from three
countries (and Italy is one of the three) the HLJ has more claims than other
countries, and this (it seems a right thing) for the packages and its
contents arrive seriously damaged or broken. Now, perhaps I through HLJ
would save half
of the money I spend in my country but why to risk to receive something
destroyed and so long waited for. At least this is my opinion.
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> I'm from the Philippines and I ordered via surface mail, it took about 2
> months. they say it takes 6-8 weeks so I guess that was just about right.
> also even though the Philippine postal service has improved over the
> there is still that occasional delay

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