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Thu, 14 Dec 2000 21:45:46 +0800

> > > They were much better than the MG Mk-II's side
> > skirt
> > > plates, that's for sure.
> > Dear God, yes I agree....I've already modified one
> > of my MKII's to have no
> > side skirts...
> haven't built my mk2 yet. what's wrong with the mk2
> sideskirts? is it as flimsy as the f91 kits?

moe like they pop off easily. AS IN VERY EASILY.

> > The MG dom's system is basically the optical rod on
> > a polycap ball joint
> > (used for the neck in smaller kits). you have to
> > position it by hand.
> any chance for an mg dreissen? that is one big bloke.
> it just stands out with it's unabashed mean look.

a Dreissen would be a combination of the Sazabi structure and a Dom, so I
guess it would be possible, but damn, it would take a lot of new parts.
specially the legs.

> > But it was good looking, neh? That's what UI liked
> > about it, it was a
> > decent version of a basically weird design.
> well, the 0080 style machinegun is kewl (is that thing
> 80 mm or 90 mm, btw? i'm getting conflicting data).
> i'm itching to get the other mg zaku II (black tri, i
> think) with all the guns and bazooks. :)

remember, the black trinary has technically only one bazooka, but with two
back-end versions.

> if they make a moving waist, i'm willing to suffer
> through more cables for more zakus. :]

hah! and pigs wil grow wings.

> > Actually, that's one of my reasons for wanting to
> > acquire Two GOUFs.
> richie, you're the only person i know who would be
> willing to buy the mg zaku 1 just for the axe and
> nothing else. :P

hell yes! it's a great axe, not to mention the two shoulders, it's great...

you know me, in love with accessories.

> -garr
> ps. eddie, do you know how monstrously huge the gml
> archives are? telling one to go there is like
> detention or something. :P

garrick, just learn how to use the search function.


before I forget...


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