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Such as superior speed to get out of harm's way...

Edmund Chiu wrote:

> I just mean that GP03D was supposed to be able to "control" a large area
> of space, there should be ways for it to defend against attacks like that...

Please elaborate on this, I have difficulty intrepreting it.

> > Neue Ziel is about 50 tons lighter than GP-03D. In addition, NZ has
> disposable
> > propellant tanks that allows the unit to dump extra mass (which Gato did).
> Yet,
> > I am not sure how that would relate to the acceleration ratios.
> That's what I am wondering about, since MA is still MA and isn't that
> light...

That is why the Feds can only win with numbers, since individual performance is
not maximized.

> > Well of course customed units are supposed to outperform standard units,
> but
> > then modifications were made according to the pilot's needs, and needs
> differ
> > from pilot to pilot. So while the customed unit for a pilot friend of
> mine may
> > perform better for him, that unit might not do the trick for me.
> I can accept that - I am just saying the Feds aren't really that
> generious in regard to custom units...

I thought Scirocco was the one who overloaded Camille's psyche. Camille strikes
me as a character who wanted first-and-foremost to end the war, and therefore I
wonder how much emphasis is placed on an NT revolution -- if there is one. The
beach scene at the end of ZZ indicates that his troubles are over and hence he
could resume his normal, more care-free self.

> Personally, I think he used too much of his NT power during his struggle
> with Scirocco and his brain cannot handle it, therefore "reverting" his
> personality and intelligence to a 6 year old or so. Maybe by the end of ZZ,
> he behave like a 12 year old instead. Still, I just don't see any of the old
> Camille in that scene - at the end of Zeta, Camille wanted to bring the NT
> revolution to the front, not just play at the beach...

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