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Such as drawing a beam saber?

Edmund Chiu wrote:

> But the fighting scenes are stock, in some cases too, you know...

According to multiple sources, Anabel "Nightmare of Solomon" Gato is on par with
Char "Red Comet" Aznable, having shot down over 100 MSes and sunk 6 warships.
Both are equally feared by Fed pilots.

> In this particular anime - Amuro and Char are still very much alive
> during that period, and I seriously doubt Gato can beat them one on one...

As a result, Federation sucks in terms of per capita performance. Only with
numbers can they win.

> I know, but remember what I recalled about Mark and Z in the old
> discussion? Feds don't want too many custom units running around...

Yet Albion faced attacks continuously throughout their long pursuit of the
colony. Even if each wave consists of a relatively small number of units, the
overall number is by no means easy to handle. As for Ciara Soun, she once
admitted that Qubeley could outclass her Geymalk. Gremmi's NT task force
consists of clones, most probably of Puru, whose technical piloting skills
are... well... let's just say that it is not something to brag about.

> That's because the unit he's using outclassed the other ones, and that
> include Ciara Soun. I am just talking about the enemies Albion is facing
> throughout the series - they maybe veterans, but mostly what you see is what
> you get - you won't see large number reinforcement...

Granted. But its effectiveness against Gundamrium armor is doubtful.

> I thought somebody mentioned that since there's no air resistant to the
> vulcan, they can travel very far.

Certainly. We have basically been agreeing on the same thing actually, it's
just that I have been stressing that Gato won't be in too much trouble by
exposing his back, as there are monitors on the backside to give him a clear
view of a possibly pursuing GP-01FB. In that case, he could not possibly have
retaliated, as the only usable non-melee weapon onboard GP-02A is mounted on the

> I think you misunderstood me - by design, the more thrusters you have on
> that side, it usually mean that side have more "openings" to shoot at. The
> thrusters cannot take hits in it, plain and simple. The front can take much
> more glancing hits, but not the rear. And that's what I am talking about.
> The best Gato can do if he exposed his back if he tries to escape would be
> to dodge, since there aren't too many things he can do...

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