Damien Hailey (samas_1@hotmail.com)
Thu, 14 Dec 2000 03:13:55

>Well of course customed units are supposed to outperform standard units, but
>then modifications were made according to the pilot's needs, and needs differ
>from pilot to pilot. So while the customed unit for a pilot friend of mine may
>perform better for him, that unit might not do the trick for me.
> > > maybe the GM Custom was named so because it can have pilot-specific
> > comforts such as a softer seat, etc...?
> >
> > I thought its performance is a bit better than "stock" GMs...


I think the GM Custom was what they gave to their OYW veteran pilots and aces like Burning and the 04th, while newer recruits got the C-TYpe GMs. 


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