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> Stock footage is fine, such as transformation or catapult scenes, but
panning a
> single drawing across the screen is unacceptable.

    But the fighting scenes are stock, in some cases too, you know...

> Neue really is that good. It simply is the best in 0083, not to mention
> piloted by the best pilot then as well.

    In this particular anime - Amuro and Char are still very much alive
during that period, and I seriously doubt Gato can beat them one on one...

> Ragan from ZZ (Neo-Zeon veteran) made such mistake by refusing to allow
his team
> of Douven Wolf's to use the standardized color. That's why GM Customs
> on Albion use similar colors.

    I know, but remember what I recalled about Mark and Z in the old
discussion? Feds don't want too many custom units running around...

> Neue Ziel took out fleets of units, solo. Another example would be Ciara
> in the awesome Geymalk, taking out every MP Qubeley from the Gremmi Toto
> Why did she kill herself at the end!?

    That's because the unit he's using outclassed the other ones, and that
include Ciara Soun. I am just talking about the enemies Albion is facing
throughout the series - they maybe veterans, but mostly what you see is what
you get - you won't see large number reinforcement...

> Apparently it's too long for GP-02A, whose vulcan Gato used almost like a
> rifle.

    I thought somebody mentioned that since there's no air resistant to the
vulcan, they can travel very far.

> We somehow lost each other on this point. I agree with you about
exposure, but
> all along I was referring to a pilot's vision. For humans, there are
plenty of
> effective blind spot, such as our backs and, in suspension, anything in
> direction below and behind our feet. It is exactly this direction that
> would not be able to see while breaking away -- if we were capable of
flight. I
> was, however, making the distinction that while MSes would also be
exposing the
> same parts as a human, it will not be as much danger as a human being
> the pilot inside the cockpit has full vision of that particular angle,
thanks to
> the cameras fitted on an MS. What gives an MS the edge in vision over a
> being is that MSes have cameras fitted all over, while humans have only
two eyes
> facing the anterior. A human would have to have eyes covered all over to
> possess the vision an MS provides for its pilot. I hope all this babble
> enough sense.

    I think you misunderstood me - by design, the more thrusters you have on
that side, it usually mean that side have more "openings" to shoot at. The
thrusters cannot take hits in it, plain and simple. The front can take much
more glancing hits, but not the rear. And that's what I am talking about.
The best Gato can do if he exposed his back if he tries to escape would be
to dodge, since there aren't too many things he can do...

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