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> >*makes unintelligible animal sounds*
> Kicks Garrick - "Tarzen check bee".

hey, don't do that to Garrick!

<STOMPS Garrick>

> They were much better than the MG Mk-II's side skirt
> plates, that's for sure.

Dear God, yes I agree....I've already modified one of my MKII's to have no
side skirts...

> >found the cogs in the zaku head a
> >little too unwieldy (i.e. they don't work :P).
> The gears tend to "fray", there's just no way to fix
> that problem unless you can cast the same parts out
> of hard metal. Haven't started on my MG Gouf kit,
> dunno if they fixed that problem with a new design
> like, say, the MG Dom's monoeye system.

The MG dom's system is basically the optical rod on a polycap ball joint
(used for the neck in smaller kits). you have to position it by hand.

> >attaching the foot to lower leg was like...hell, it
> >was like doing a mr. bean act -- driving a car while
> >putting on your clothes and brushing your teeth.
> >overall, pretty ok model. solid but kinda limited
> >flexibility.
> >-garr

But it was good looking, neh? That's what UI liked about it, it was a
decent version of a basically weird design.

> Can't expect much from a kit designed over 5 years ago.
> I am pretty sure Bandai will pull a version 1.5 with
> the MG Zaku II soon, using the MG Gouf's body as a
> starting point. As if people in Japan haven't started
> on that already, hehehe, the MG Gouf kit will soon
> become a best seller once Zaku-heads start getting
> "raw parts" for their projects.
> Eddie

Actually, that's one of my reasons for wanting to acquire Two GOUFs.

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