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Stock footage is fine, such as transformation or catapult scenes, but panning a
single drawing across the screen is unacceptable.

Edmund Chiu wrote:

> If even a "high" rating show needs to use stock footage, I think Zeta
> had to use it too...

No kidding!

> Well, Americans aren't the worse when it came to humor...

Neue really is that good. It simply is the best in 0083, not to mention being
piloted by the best pilot then as well.

> Unless Neue Ziel is really that good, I think GP03D could've avoid that,
> providing an "able" pilot is piloting it...

Ragan from ZZ (Neo-Zeon veteran) made such mistake by refusing to allow his team
of Douven Wolf's to use the standardized color. That's why GM Customs stationed
on Albion use similar colors.

> If it's a custom MS with custom color, it's a dead give away..

Neue Ziel took out fleets of units, solo. Another example would be Ciara Soun,
in the awesome Geymalk, taking out every MP Qubeley from the Gremmi Toto camp.
Why did she kill herself at the end!?

> > A few veterans is always better than a bunch of rookies.
> How about hundred of rookies?

Apparently it's too long for GP-02A, whose vulcan Gato used almost like a beam

> I was thinking further than the vulcan range - I still don't know the
> exact range of vulcan yet...

We somehow lost each other on this point. I agree with you about exposure, but
all along I was referring to a pilot's vision. For humans, there are plenty of
effective blind spot, such as our backs and, in suspension, anything in the
direction below and behind our feet. It is exactly this direction that humans
would not be able to see while breaking away -- if we were capable of flight. I
was, however, making the distinction that while MSes would also be exposing the
same parts as a human, it will not be as much danger as a human being because
the pilot inside the cockpit has full vision of that particular angle, thanks to
the cameras fitted on an MS. What gives an MS the edge in vision over a human
being is that MSes have cameras fitted all over, while humans have only two eyes
facing the anterior. A human would have to have eyes covered all over to
possess the vision an MS provides for its pilot. I hope all this babble makes
enough sense.

> It doesn't matter where it points - it's going to expose its thrusters
> to attacks, simply because it had to let the thrusters face backward in
> order for it to "run away"...

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