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> It's the closest game I can think of... the only thing you can say about
> Gundam games is that none of them are revolutionary like a new game that
> would eventually become an "engine" which becomes the source of
> for copycats (Doom, Warcraft, etc.) because they are always based on an
> existing genre and at best does an adequate job at adapting Gundam to
> genre.

one of the things I hate about Gundam games is that it caters too much to
fans only. I want games that can start its own fan base. most Gundam games
I played won't appeal to non-fans. for example, the Battle Master. sure,
it's a Street Fighter style game, but would you trade something like Street
Fighter or Tekken for this game? even Gundam fans won't do that.

anyway, I don't expect Gundam to break into new genres or make new engines,
but at least make nice games. I mean, X-Wing isn't the first space sim
game, but their game kicks butt, although some of the titles sucked, X-Wing
Alliance rules!

what Gundam should do is hire third party developers, like what almost all
the big companies in the US are doing, then just be the publisher of the
game, like Lucas Arts and Sierra. this way they get really good people to
make really good games.

my Gundam games wishlist......

a. a space sim similar to X-Wing but you pilot, obviously, a Gundam. should
be story based and I'd rather see this on a PC. I think there should be
two, one follows the UC story as shown on TV, and another one is a new story
in itself (maybe introduce new suits and thus make more bucks with new kits
as well
b. a Gundam RPG in English
c. an official Gundam real-time strategy game. Gundam Century (GundamCraft)
was great and you'd feel sorry for Bandai that some of the best Gundam games
are made by fans and is not an official product
d. please, NO Doom/Half Life style FPS Gundam

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