Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 13:38:16 -0800

>Edward Ju wrote:
>> I can't think of many Japanese Gundam games being better than what has
>> been released in the US... basically you've got your side scrolling
>> shooter (Zeta for Saturn - SUCKS), 3D first person shooter (MS Gundam and
>> MS Gundam ver 2.0 for PS), Armored Core/Omega Boost style shooter (Zeta
>> Gundan and CCA for PS)
>Don't compare those games to Armored Core. As much as I like em, their not
>in ACs
>league. AC2 is the only reason why i want a PS2.

It's the closest game I can think of... the only thing you can say about
Gundam games is that none of them are revolutionary like a new game that
would eventually become an "engine" which becomes the source of inspiration
for copycats (Doom, Warcraft, etc.) because they are always based on an
existing genre and at best does an adequate job at adapting Gundam to that

>SD Gundam GX was a hoot on SNES. I kinda liked it more than G Century on PSX.
>---Brett Jensen

Probably because the novelty wore off after it migrated to the PS...


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