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I'm curious...what's the plot of M3? Is there any information available?

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Playstation - SRW Alpha Gaiden; spring 2001
plot setting: few months after "Alpha";
improved battle graphics & effects;
improved "experience" system;
included "support system" from WonderSwan version.
Added series: "Galaxy Whirlwind (loosely
translated...) Braiger"
-> Robot Anime first aired in 10/81 (see this page:

Rumor (bogus?) new release - TurnA related (format
unknown...probably not a TV series...will include more
info if available)

(OT) Dreamcast - MacrossM3 (limited edition) 2/22/2000

P.S. reminder...0083 is just a silly cartoon with
pretty visual... Don't kill your brain cells for

Just a about bashing the kiddo duo in
Z (forgot their names...kiki &...something???) for a
change? Those annoying brats...

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