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Graham Belmont wrote:
> A little mistyping on my part. I was trying to say that it was very unlikely
> that he was a mobile suit pilot (unless he worked his way through the ranks
> with lightning speed), but that he may have been an aircraft pilot, instead.
which does not nessicarily make him qualified to just jump in a Gundam
and go tooling around in it

> Also, as we all know, Synapus isn't a pilot anymore. If you advance high
> enough in rank you can no longer be one (how many generals or admirals do
> you know of that still fly sorties? How many captains do you see fighting in
> GM's?), you end up with executive positions like the very ones you've just
> described before taking command.

are you sure you know what i was desribing?

> Well, look at it this way: if you were to appoint someone to take command of
> of a warship, would you want someone who has been out on the battlefield and
> has a knack for strategic thinking, or someone who has spent most of their
> career sitting at a desk? I don't know about you, but I'd want an ex-pilot,
> not a paper-pusher (altho' the war against paper cuts is quite the fight in
> and of itself :P ).

um, dude? the Executive Officer or XO on a ship is effectively the
second in command of a Warship in most cases, many of Them got there
from being asorted bridge crew though some may have worked other crew
jobs like gunnery crews or the like, the XO dosn't sit at a desk back at
base while his captain is taking the ship out for a spin, he's standing
ther by his side relaying the captain's orders to teh parts of the shiip
that need ot hear them and basically making sure that whatever the
captai wants the captain gets, from his cup of coffee to that missile
spread amidships of the enemy cruiser
> -G


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