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Edward Ju wrote:

> >Just wanted to let you know about my shopping experience with HLJ this last
> >week or so.
> >
> >I put in an order in Late November for some PG Wing Kits, 1 PG Zeta, 1
> >Valkyrie (Mediacom/Yamato One), 1 Armored CORE action figure and 2 other
> >kits. I received a confirmation email right away. A couple of days later I
> >recieved an order confirmation confirming that my order was received by HLJ
> >staff and they were processing it. The next day they informed me that the 2
> >other kits were not in stock and asked me if I'd like to backorder or delete
> >the items. I chose to delete items. A couple of days later I recieved a
> >confirmation that the items I requested had been shipped. Much to my
> >surprise about 1 week later they showed up on my door in a huge/sturdy
> >cardboard box with large bubble wrap between the kits and around them.
> Interesting, when I complained to Scott Hards earlier this year about HLJ's
> lack of any padding material and awful packaging practice, he basically
> told me using foam peanuts and bubblewraps wouldn't have made much
> difference. 0_-
> >All
> >the boxes showed up undamaged and in great condition. And somehow I escape
> >the evil Canadian Duty-Guy.
> >
> >In summary, I was happy with my HLJ order and will order from them again
> >without hesitation.
> Let me get this straight... they ignored your request to delete items,
> went ahead and shipped the items you've requested to be canceled to you, and
> you are actually happy about what they did?

That is exactly what happened to me, and then some.

> What if you've gone out and bought from another source, relying on the
> fact that they told you they don't have the goods and will honor your
> request to delete your order for them?
> Eddie

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