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> Gato changed the colony's course - instead of hitting Jaburo, Gato set it
so that it'd hit the North American Granary.

    I take it that Kou cannot change it later, or he failed to stop Gato in
the first place. Personally, I think hitting Jaburo is a good idea...

> Cima demonstrated that - I-field barrier generator aside, the GP-03D would
have a hard time defending against enemies from above. As for the rear, the
GP-03D would've just run faster and circle back.

    But that's against a really agile MS - GP03D is supposed to prevent the
enemies from getting so close...

> Based on the Mecha Domain's specs, the GP-03D can pull an acceleration of
around 5+Gs, while the Neue Ziel can only pull an acceleration of 4+Gs
(almost 5G though) - which means, relatively, the GP-03D is faster, but the
Neue Ziel is more agile. Another one is that the GP-03D has 6 huge
thrusters and some smaller thrusters, but the Neue Ziel has *loads* of
small, medium, and large (if you can call them that) thrusters situated
everywhere, making it more agile.

    That's what I don't really understand - just from that, GP03D should
beat Neue Ziel hands down in dashing speed (just going forward), unless Neue
Ziel is really light, hence it can go just as fast as GP03D without as many

> While the linear seat does make the GP-03D able to handle threats from any
side, it's always up to the pilot to do such decisions on whether to
disregard new data such as new enemies on any given flank or give notice to

    Maybe Kou is too busy looking at the panels instead of looking for the

> maybe the GM Custom was named so because it can have pilot-specific
comforts such as a softer seat, etc...?

    I thought its performance is a bit better than "stock" GMs...

> wasn't Camille brain-fried at the end of Z Gundam?

    But he seems to be "recovering" by the end of ZZ...

> ...and as an addition, for Kou, there's no such thing as permanent body
part - he treats them all as a shield. Look what he did with the GP-01Fb's
foot as he was about to be stabbed in their duel after Gato nukes the Fed's
Naval Review.

    Well, he's about the same as Usso, who use whatever he can use as a
weapon. At least for V and V2, legs and arms can be easily replaced...

> IIRC correctly Kou never exposed his back - he'd dash backwards to evade
Gato's vulcan fire.

    Of course - I assume he isn't dumb enough to do that - Gato will eat him
for lunch!

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