James Gority (jagority@csrlink.net)
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 09:57:19 -0500

I have the 7 disk set, it has been liscensed through Games-Mart in
Singapore, and appears to be an official release. The English subs are
pretty good....some grammer mistakes here and there. The packaging is
excellent. Games-Mart also has an excellent boxed set of 0083 which I also
own. I would recommend it.

Jim G

At 11:14 PM 12/12/2000 -0600, you wrote:
>Does anyone know what the differences are between the two VCD box sets
>of this OVA that I see floating about? The versions that I'm referring
>to are both in the original Japanese w/ English subs; however, the more
>popular version seems to be a 7-disc set with each disc containing two
>eps and the 7th containing Miller's Report. The other set that I've
>seen only comes on 4 discs, has 3 eps per disc, and no Miller's Report.
>Is this some sort of bootleg? Can anybody comment on the quality of
>either set? And yes, I know it's coming to DVD sometime next year, but
>I'm on ep 8 and I'm hooked! I need my 08 MS fix right now...
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