Graham Belmont (
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 08:38:37 -0600

> >Ok, now we're getting somewhere. Here's a little snippet from early on in
> >this discussion (quoting myself again here): "A little mistyping on my
> >I was trying to say that it was very unlikely that he was a mobile suit
> >pilot (unless he worked his way through the ranks
> >with lightning speed), but that he may have been an aircraft pilot,
>Ah. That came from a message you replied to someone else, I only skimmed
>through it.
> >What I meant by that was that every officer has to start his or her new
> >career on some low tier, be it taking classes in boot camp, or studying
> >be a military strategist at West Point. I wasn't even thinging of mobile
> >suits (or anything Gundam related) at the time, just the persons career
> >general.
>Since you quoted my statement, I could only assume what you were saying
>were in direct response to the quoted passage. Might want to do some
>snipping and trimming quoted lines in the future.

Actually, this thread has morphed so many times, but at one point I was
talking about 0083 (see first paragraph), but later on I thought we were
starting to talk about actual career progression (see second). My bad.

> >>What did I do? I just failed to see how your analogy has any bearing to
> >>the point I was making.
> >>
> >
> >Ok, but we've cleared up that one, right?
>I... think so.

Groovy ;)

> >Ok, granted, I'll give you that (I'm a reasonable guy, here), but please
> >note a couple things - all the warship captains have pilots wings.
> >yeah, sure, but they all had to become pilots to get there (thus the
> >Air Force thing).
>Whoa, hold on now. Who are "they" - captains? Or the Navy?

Oops, the captains.

> >And two - just because it was called the naval review
> >doesn't mean it it is one (I know it sound's like I'm picking at straws
> >here, but bear with me). Tradition is a very powerful thing, and such a
> >tradition a source of pride for the officers attending. Maybe that's why
> >they called it that. Dunno, just something for ya to mull over.
>I'll let the rest of the ML be the judge of that.

Oh man, I hope you guys let sleeping dogs lie.

> >Please tell me we have this all straightened out, this discussion is
> >too much outta me.
> >
> >-G
>Well, I'm a bit frazzled, so I'm gonna hit the sack. At least you've
>survived a potential flamewar by being civilized and rational, congrats!



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