Jose Luis S Manalansan,IV (
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 18:24:00 -0800 wrote:

>Okay, say if we took either Gundam Universe and:
>(A)U.C.: Replaced the Earth Federation with the UESA/OZ/Romefeller
>(B)A.C.: Replaced the Colony Rebels/White Fang/Barton Foundation with the
>Duchy of Zeon
>All Universal Predjudices aside(if they show up, the perpetrator gets
>strapped to the God Gundam's Finger, which will be sent to spar with the
>Altron.), who would win if they went to war?

If you mixed everything in UC & AC can the Feds sue OZ or Dr.J & Co for developing Gundams???



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