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>Well, I was just saying Synapses, in all likelihood, had no MS piloting
>combat experience prior to becoming a ship's captain. To elaborate on
>this point further, consider the fact that when we saw him in 0083, he was
>already a middle-aged ship captain, while MS hasn't been introduced as a
>weapon of war prior to UC 0079, a mere 4 years ago.

Ok, now we're getting somewhere. Here's a little snippet from early on in
this discussion (quoting myself again here): "A little mistyping on my part.
I was trying to say that it was very unlikely that he was a mobile suit
pilot (unless he worked his way through the ranks
with lightning speed), but that he may have been an aircraft pilot, instead.

>Your immediate response to my statement
> >> >> >>Synapus? He's not even a MS pilot, he's a ship captain, and most
> >>likely
> >> >> >>never received any pilot training.
> >> >> >>
> >> >> >
> >> >> >Says who? Every high ranking officer had to start out somewhere,
> >>right?
> >> >>
>which was clearly directed at my assertion that he wasn't a MS pilot and
>most likely had no (MS) pilot training, since I made no assertions or
>implications of any kind to the effect that Synapse never did "start out
>somewhere", to use your own exact words.

What I meant by that was that every officer has to start his or her new
career on some low tier, be it taking classes in boot camp, or studying to
be a military strategist at West Point. I wasn't even thinging of mobile
suits (or anything Gundam related) at the time, just the persons career in

> >That's not what I'm doing at all. Basically, I'm trying to say that you
> >can't have the whole without the parts (can't have the PB&J w/o the PB,
> >can't have the high ranking position w/o the years of expirence).
>That much I agree, but what I was talking about was restricted to MS
>piloting, if you'd refer to the original messages quoted in whole at the

Again, I was talking about the persons career, building it from the ground
up. If they just happened to be MS pilots early on, then fine, but it's just
a stepping stone.

> >>Before you nitpick any further,
> >
> >ME nitpick??? Look at what you did to my little analogy!
>What did I do? I just failed to see how your analogy has any bearing to
>the point I was making.

Ok, but we've cleared up that one, right?

> >maybe you should answer a simple question
> >>first: what is the role served by the mobile suits when their carrier
> >>engages in battle, based on what was shown in all of U.C. series? The
> >>answer should make the parallels between aircraft carriers and MS
> >>rather obvious.
> >>
> >>Eddie
> >>
> >
> >To imply that I don't know the similarities between these two is
> >extraordinarily rude of you, and I don't appreciate it one bit.
>Calm down, don't get flustered. If you'd just answer the question then
>I'd know if we are even on the same page.

Ok, I'll get to that in just a sec...

>It is more reasonable to believe that the Navy has taken control of the
>great beyond, at least within the context of U.C. Gundam, particularly
>during 0083, the time when Synapse was seen in action.
>Evidence offered: Gundam 0083.
>Gato nuked the Fed's _NAVAL_ review, not _AIR FORCE_ review.
>Case closed.

Ok, granted, I'll give you that (I'm a reasonable guy, here), but please
note a couple things - all the warship captains have pilots wings. Naval,
yeah, sure, but they all had to become pilots to get there (thus the whole
Air Force thing). And two - just because it was called the naval review
doesn't mean it it is one (I know it sound's like I'm picking at straws
here, but bear with me). Tradition is a very powerful thing, and such a
tradition a source of pride for the officers attending. Maybe that's why
they called it that. Dunno, just something for ya to mull over.

Please tell me we have this all straightened out, this discussion is taking
too much outta me.


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