Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 06:00:20 -0800

>*makes unintelligible animal sounds*

Kicks Garrick - "Tarzen check bee".

>having just finished my mg zaku 2...i have to agree
>about zaku being a pain.

Wouldn't be such a pain if you've sticked one end of
the underlying cable onto a piece of foam or PlayDough
while you're sliding the beads/tubes in (check the
archives... it's in there over and over again over
the years).

>i refuse to venture into
>perfect grade (equivalent cost of a warhammer army :D)
>just yet.
>the cables suck majorly. had slight problems with my
>side skirt plates.

They were much better than the MG Mk-II's side skirt
plates, that's for sure.

>found the cogs in the zaku head a
>little too unwieldy (i.e. they don't work :P).

The gears tend to "fray", there's just no way to fix
that problem unless you can cast the same parts out
of hard metal. Haven't started on my MG Gouf kit,
dunno if they fixed that problem with a new design
like, say, the MG Dom's monoeye system.

>attaching the foot to lower leg was like...hell, it
>was like doing a mr. bean act -- driving a car while
>putting on your clothes and brushing your teeth.
>overall, pretty ok model. solid but kinda limited

Can't expect much from a kit designed over 5 years ago.
I am pretty sure Bandai will pull a version 1.5 with
the MG Zaku II soon, using the MG Gouf's body as a
starting point. As if people in Japan haven't started
on that already, hehehe, the MG Gouf kit will soon
become a best seller once Zaku-heads start getting
"raw parts" for their projects.


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