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>Jeeeeeeez.... how do i search it out?
>the archive is so big and i dont know where to start...
>Echo|Fox wrote:
>> Check the GML archives. Someone reviewed it a few months back... very
>> glowing review.
>> A friend of mine is in Japan at the moment and picked me up a copy (yay!) so
>> I should get it when he comes back in January...
>> From: "Winn Sevilla" <winn@nsclub.net>
>> > did anybody here have this already? is it good in it?
>> > http://www.hlj.com/cgi-local/hljpage.cgi?MDW035
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Original review by James Boren:

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>Whoa, this new book is a must have! 50 color and 400 pages of B&W
>line art covering every character in every Gundam series. All at a
>very reasonable 2800 yen. This book is so crammed with character art
>there is only about 10 all-text pages in the whole thing. There is a
>lot of art I've never seen before, especially on less documented
>series like G Gundam, and 08th MS team,(including miller's report and
>Last resort). If it was on the screen for 2 sec., chances are you'll
>see it in here. There are also extensive costume variation drawings
>so for instance you have drawings of Aina (08th MS) in 10 different
>The main thrust is the anime and ova series. There is only 1 page of
>game character drawings, and it doesn't cover any manga series. It is
>very current with the most extensive Turn-A character drawings I've
>seen. The Mobile suits tend to overshadow everything Gundam, but this
>book is a much appreciated reminder that there is more to Gundam than
>MS and Gunpra. Highly recommended!
>Publisher: Mediaworks
>Title: Mobile Suit Gundam Character Encyclopedia
>same size as the mobile suit encyclopedia but twice as thick!
>2800 yen
>again, a very good book!
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Can't seen to find -Z-'s follow-up review...


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Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at http://gundam.aeug.org/

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