Chris Maier (
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 07:49:23 -0500

Somebody named David Age 11, AKA Holy Blade, stole one of your pics and put
it in the Gundamshop junior gallery(Kind of a stupid idea for them to do so,
since it's easy to figure out it was yours first since you were already in
the contest).

BTW, interesting winners this month-
Peter Savin, who I believe is a member of this mailing list, won the model
gallery with a resin kit of Hi-Nu Gundam, followed by Teoj again, winning
this time with a Zaku II MG.
 The fanart gallery once again went to the alternate universes, with a CGI
pic of Heavyarms and a nifty pic of Garroad and Double X...
 and the Junior gallery had a nicely painted SD Wing Zero Custom and an
interesting Deathscythe variant fanart.

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