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You are simply great. You have taken the essence of what I meant. Why isn't
Sunrise taking you for the next Gundam series' screenplay? And why doesn't
it take me too? I want Char back in a before Oyw series. I want to see his
hate for Zabi increasing and to see his battle's capabilities becoming
grester and greater day by day. I want to see him becoming the red comet he

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> > Do you know wjat haiku are? Haiku are some very short poems and their
> > particularity is that in them is told much with just a few words. I
think we
> > could tell 0083 Gundam OAV series is like a haiku, as a normal Gundam TV
> > series is like a normally long poem.
> Gato steals Gundam
> For the glory of Zeon
> But Kou gets the girl
> Thirteen episodes in seventeen syllables -- not bad!
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> The last golden autumn leaves
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> --Sensei Tweety
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