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> That which bothered me most is how MSes would just stop or decelerate once
> thrusters stopped thrusting. This might be the result of bad animation,
> MSes would be featured in only one single drawing for these clips, and
> animators simply cut out decelerating animations as well to save effort.

    I would call that limited budget - it's the same argument as to why GW
use so much stock footstage...

> No, I was trying to crack a joke. I meant to call on attention to the
> "potential." To put that into context, I meant that the spunk Uraki
> demonstrated may have been a reflection to some potential in him to
becoming a
> good pilot. I stress potential because other spunky characters such as
> never realize any of their potential (in Katsu's case: none).

    Kinda guess that, but want to make sure, since there are a few people
that have no sense of humor sometimes...

> Apparently, Kou did nothing after Nina and Gato left the control room.

    He's too bad - another "strike" against Kou....

> I was told that GP-03D is faster in a straight dash, though the book I
> to says it's Neue Ziel that beats all other units in 0083 in terms of
> Therefore, GP-03D is severly limited in facing Neue Ziel. The linear seat
> designed to give pilots a better picture of the warzone, but it doesn't
> that all units equipped with a linear seat are capable of attacking in
> angle. Having said that, GP-03D already solved part of the problem by
having a
> regular MS to operate most of its attacks, since the Stamen has arms to
> shots at more angles. Still, it is a less-than-perfect adaptation that is
> by a truly erect frame featured in Neue Ziel.

    Other than the strike against the I-Field generator, I didn't see Gato
using Neue Ziel's advantage against Kou in another other way...

> Nothing romantic could ever seem to happen with her anyway... =)

    Too bad she fall for a guy who's in love with a dead woman...

> Mark and Z: why no customs for Feddie pilots, aside from the fact that the
> knows nothing about good naval tactics?

    I don't remember exactly what they said, but I thought it's something
along the line of wanting the army itself to bear the "fruit" of the fight -
meaning it's the army itself that earn the battles, not the pilot (you have
to agree that a custom MS would give you away...)

> With a potion of love? =)

    It's certain not something "healthy" ^_^

> If Camille's carnage is supposed to induce awe from Yatzan in order to
teach him
> the lesson, then I suppose a "limit break" -- to borrow from Final
Fantasy -- in
> piloting skills (dodging everything, which he couldn't quite do so before)
> be even more awesome!

    It's either that or what Camille did - both can do that, you have to
agree - both make Camille seems inhuman...

> How can they desert the charismatic Hamaan Khan, who captivates all souls
> pledged to Zeon?

    Maybe it's her looks ^_^

> But in Delaz fleet's case, their pilots seem to be experts in guerrilla
> and have fought alongside each other for some time. Therefore, I had the
> impression that they know how to create ambushes even better in the
absence of
> formal directions. In other words, these veterans should be able to make
> traps in their own styles than when they had to follow directions to
joining a
> formal assault.

    You misunderstood - I just mean the sheer number of troops per attack...

> Now I remember the scene that I was referring to: right after AEUG
> their suits during the Maelstrom project against the Axis fleet at Gryps
> During that scene, Emma is seen to be leading AEUG's MS troops in a
> firing war against Axis troops. None of the MSes had to dodge or block
any of
> the shots coming from the Axis side, showing the ineffectiveness of
> bombardments between MS troops.

    I would say the main part of the reason is to cut cost (animation cost
money), another would be there's a lot of rookie pilots there...

> That is why I said Uraki would not have tasted any advantage by firing at
> at long-range, as there is plenty of shelter for Gato.

    I mean "long-range" as in anything other than close combat - you can
still stay pretty close to the enemy yet far enough for the enemy to not be
able to launch any close range attack...

> I understand that, but in a 3-D space, there is no real top or bottom.
So, when
> Gato would try to break away, GP-02A's thrusters will be facing GP-01FB
and not
> exactly its back or chest. More graphically speaking, GP-02A would be
> flat (since that would give it most thrust along the direction of the
head) from
> GP-01FB's point of view. Therefore, GP-02A won't be exactly "reversing"
> breaking away.

    Think of it like this - I think Mark or Z have a discussion on it a
while ago - in order to get maximum thrust for most MS, you have to have the
MS face forward, with the backpack thrusters facing the opposite the
direction it's going. Now, if that side isn't the back with minimal armor or
"weapons", I don't know what is...

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